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THE ZTF BIBLE CENTER, montreal, canada

is the headquarters of the CMCI (International Christian Missionary Community) in Canada. In other words, it is one of the auxiliary bases of CMCI, whose main base (Worldwide) is in Cameroon.

This center covers an area of 50 hectares and offers several services, thanks to its high-end facilities, including spaces for personal spiritual retreats, family retreats, group retreats, and meets your expectations in case you would like to have more personalized retreat space offers.

The Zacharias Tanee Fomum Bible Center of Canada (ZTF Bible Center) is a welcoming, training and Christian edification structure belonging to CMCI Canada and based in Chertsey in the greater Montreal area.

The International Christian Missionary Community (ICMC), an evangelical Christian movement founded by Apostle and Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum (of blessed memory), is a ministry that intends to make a great contribution to the spiritual awakening that the body of Christ awaits in our generation. ZTF saw this expected revival as “a global revival that will tear the heavens, shake the earth, and glorify Christ in our generation so as to hasten the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ from Heaven to meet His Bride made ready.

There is a need for places where old and new servants of God can retreat as a group for a weekend, a week or more, to be trained, retrained, reframed, edified, … through teachings, seminars and conferences related to their vision and mission.

We need places where our children, youth, young adults, singles or married couples can retreat as a group for several hours or days with friends or guests to receive training or edification adapted to their needs and contexts.

For the purposes of this global awakening:

There is a need for welcoming and appropriate places, with sports and entertainment opportunities where new and old unstable believers can be brought for several hours, for a weekend, for a series of weekends or for several days. And while being housed and fed, they are given instruction and training in the solid foundations of the Christian life, of life as a disciple of the Lord Jesus, and of service to God, in the present world with its realities.

There must be places where believers can from time to time get out of the daily routine and go on retreat to take time alone or in a group at the feet of their Lord. Time to read the Bible or good Christian literature in a quiet place, time to meditate or pray seriously, time to worship at will, time to listen to God or talk to God, time to seek God’s will without hurrying.

The ZTF Bible Center is a place that, to the extent possible, offers these opportunities to the body of Christ. And, as well as being the headquarters of the WCIC’s Americas sub-base, the ZTF Canada Bible Center is called to host both the School of Knowledge and God’s Service (SKSG) and the World University of Prayer and Fasting (WUPF) sessions.





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